Competence Assurance System (CASys) is the most comprehensive system available today
for managing human performance in the workplace for the marine and offshore oil and gas industries.

It provides facilities for recording workplace assessment, identifying performance gaps,
determining training needs to close the gaps, and analysis at both the organisational and individual levels.

What is Competence Assurance?
  • A self-assessment process for organisations that manages workplace performance.
  • It is the link between individual performance and organisational success.


Why do you need Competence Assurance?
  • We live in an ever changing world where policies, procedures, regulations and technology are constantly evolving.
  • The knowledge and skills we have today may not be adequate for the jobs we have to do tomorrow.
  • Competence Assurance identifies performance gaps and manages continual improvement.
CASys supports the implementation of Competence Assurance

It is a structured system that provides you with the tools to track, record and report on the professional development and performance of your workforce.


Performance Assessment Record

Training Manager Facility

Reports Facility

Administration Facility

CASys provides

  • Easy to access auditable records of crew performance assessments.
  • Evidence of confirmation that the workforce meets performance standards.
  • Analysis of data that provides real-time status of competence at both the organisational and individual levels


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